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Aim of The Association
Blue Whale Nature Association ® aims to achieve Nature Conservation, Spirit of Adventure and awareness regarding Science among the masses. The basic objective is not just manifestation but reaching to all sections of the society. Awareness can be brought about by practical knowledge; hence, to understand nature one has to gain first hand experience of nature.

These activities can be combined together with visits to places of historical and social importance.
  1. Organizing Nature and Adventure camps, to develop a sense of adventure and teamwork among individuals.
  2. Conservation and Cleaning of ancient historical monuments and forts.
  3. Spreading general awareness regarding Environmental Sciences.
  4. Arranging regular Treks and other mountaineering activities and promoting study of Birds, Wildlife, Vegetation and other related sciences by gaining first hand experience.
  5. Arranging various activities like Slide Shows, Lectures, Exhibitions, Competitions and Discussions regarding Mountaineering, Nature and Sciences such as Astronomy etc.
  6. Helping people in times of Natural Calamities.
  7. Tree Plantation and Conservation.
  8. Star Gazing sessions and training programmes for understanding Astronomy.
  9. Observation and study of Birds, Snakes, Insects and Animals in their wild environment.
  10. Conducting Nature Trails and Enviromental studies for schools and colleges.
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