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Past Activities by BWNA

1 Trekking 24-Nov-2019 Sankshi Fort, Pen1 day
2 Lake & Caves Trekking 10-Nov-2019 Bedse Caves and Pawna Dam1 day
3 Nature Walk 13-Oct-2019 Yeoor to Nisarga Parichay Kendra, Thane½ day
4 Nature Trek 22-Sep-2019 Kondhane forest, Karjat1 day
5 Friendship Day Trek 25-Aug-2019 Valvand Forest to Shirota Lake1 day
6 Jungle Trekking 21-Jul-2019 Savane Forest, Pen1 day
7 Monsoon Nature Trek 07-Jul-2019 The Base of Dhak, Near Sandshi Village (Karjat)1 day
8 Night Walk with Fireflies 08-Jun-2019 Dudhiware near Pawna Dam, Lonavala2 days
9 Nature & Adventure Summer Camp 18-May-2019 Mulshi Lake View & Susale Machi2 days
10 Nature & Adventure Summer Camp 14-May-2019 Mulshi Lake View & Susale Machi5 days
11 Nature and Adventure Camp 03-Apr-2019 Rajmachi and Ulhas Valley5 days
12 Visit Place of Social Importance 17-Feb-2019 Anandwan-Hemalkasa-Somnath6 days
13 Bird Watching and Photography 09-Feb-2019 Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan)2 days
14 Republic Day Trek 26-Jan-2019 Talgad Fort and Kuda Caves, Roha1 day
15 Basic Adventure Training and Practice Session 06-Jan-2019 Parsik Hill, Thane½ day
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