Our association has been working towards creating awareness about Nature, Environmental Conservation and instilling Spirit of Adventure among Children and youngsters through Nature Trails and Adventure Camps since Jan 1991.

We have also conducted numerous programmes based on Astronomy, which helps in developing a scientific attitude among the people. We have worked under the banner of Blue Whale Nature and Science Club , Kalwa from Jan 1991 to July 2006.

Now we are registered with the Charity Commissioner of Thane and renamed as Blue Whale Nature Association (Reg. No. MAH/656/06/THANE). Now our area of work has expanded from local to whole of Maharashtra.

Working Committee
Shriram Koli 9892903863 President
Rangnath Ware 9226794475 Secretary
Dr. Mahendra Patil 8879488616 Treasurer
Nitin Ambavane 9892913357 Member
Sandeep Jadhav Member
Shirish Badhekar 9890962199 Member
Shrikant Shirgaonkar Member
Vinod Rakte 9869369397 Member

BWNA is involved in activities related to
  • Nature
    1. Tree Plantation
    2. Conservation and Look After
    3. Nature Trails
    4. Nature Camps
  • Adventure
    1. Trekking
    2. Rock Climbing
    3. Valley Crossing
    4. Night Survival in Forest
    5. Rifle Shooting
  • Science
    1. Snake Science
    2. Astronomy
    3. Exhibitions
    4. Competitions
Environment is a subject as complex as it is simple. There is a Sanskrit verse which states that ‘let us live peacefully along with the rivers and rivulets, trees and creepers, animals and birds, insects, seeds, reservoirs etc’. The verse means that we are an inseparable part of the ecosystem and we can live happily only if we try to complement them. If we keep on harming the environment in pursuit of petty objectives, we will end up harming ourselves in the long run. Today it is a basic necessity to understand environment and ecology. Floods, Famines, Deadly Epidemics like Plague, Respiratory Diseases, Smoky cities, Pollution, Depleting forest cover, Greenhouse effect etc. give a clear indication of human interference in nature’s course. Nature is our friend but if we continue to exploit it, we end up disturbing the ecological balance. The nature shows no mercy for such a crime and there is no respite when it casts its wrath. Along with the awareness, we can try to take some immediate measures. With the aid of science we can not only lead a better life but also slow down and preferably cease the gradual destruction of the ecology that we cause in many known or unknown ways. Hence we should understand that conservation is our duty and a collective effort is needed for the purpose. Thus setting up an environment conservation movement is the need of the hour. With this aim in mind, a group of children, zestful youth and a few experienced people, all of them from different walks of life, was set up on 1st Jan 1991. Gradual additions happened and today the seed sown by a few has grown into a huge tree.

About the Logo
Blue Whale is the largest mammal in the world. Today it is an endangered species. It is about 100 to 150 feet long. It can go deeper into the sea as compared to most of the marine animals. Thus it is the characteristic of Blue Whale to dive deep into the sea. This is the characteristic we would like to relate with ourselves regarding the sea of knowledge. Also if the condition of any animal symbolizes the cruelty and indifference of humans, it is Blue Whale, which has been pushed to the brink of extinction and that is the reason for which we chose Blue Whale as the symbol.

About the Slogan
Maharashtra has been blessed with the Sahyadris and the Sahyadris are known for mutual coexistence of humans and animals and also abundance of floral variety. “Sant Tukaram’s Abhangs (Verses) ” present a beautiful picture of this relation and the most apt description of this feature can be given by the above verse meaning that trees, plants, creepers, animals all are a part of a community to which human beings too belong i.e. we are just a part of the chain and not a complete chain in ourselves, we are dependent on an ecosystem. Invasion of T.V. & Cinema, indifference towards nature, insufficient funds etc. are creating many hazards but we are determined to carry out our struggle. Even in such crisis, many people, known and unknown have contributed in mammoth proportions towards the goal. We know that the work done is still very less but not insignificant. We hope many more will join us in this movement as we proceed…